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Blowjobs are undoubtedly one of the best things during sex, you will not only have an incredible view, but the curiosity of having a woman suck your penis is the best. But is it possible to go further?

At Catalan Universities in Tarragona we know that there are all kinds of fantasies that you want to fulfill, that is why we have girls who will take fellatio further.

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One of the most outstanding services we have at Universitaria Catalanas is full French, do you know what it means? The escort will do you so well that you will want to finish , when this happens they will open their mouth for you to throw all your semen into them.

Don’t worry, semen is not harmful to them, it even has many benefits for their health, so they will swallow it all and leave nothing on your penis , and that is our university students they will love every drop of your semen.

They will play with their tongue, they will do the famous deep throat, and at all times they will see you as you take your penis out of their mouths and put them in, isn’t it the best experience? And knowing that you can end up in his mouth greatly improves the whole situation.

Of course, when you go to run you have to tell them, so they will prepare to receive everything and you will not drown them with your semen .

This service will be offered to you in any situation, whether you are inside a hotel, in the car or in a public place, the Catalan University escorts will not mind opening their mouths so that you can drop everything you need into it. you have inside.

Although you should first check if the girl offers this type of service , although we have naughty girls, not all of them do a complete French.

We don’t want you to leave things to your imagination or just a fantasy, that’s why we have girls in Catalan University girls willing to perform a unique oral sex , they train for that, so you can finish directly in her mouth, which will make the entire sexual encounter more intense for both of you.