Escorts with erotic toys in Lleida

Luxury whores and erotic toys in Lleida

You have to accept that nowadays many women like lesbian experiences, it is no longer a taboo or anything to be ashamed of. If you want to enjoy a beautiful escort to sweat in bed, at Universitarias Catalanas in Lleida we have the best selection .

And if you want to make the encounter more spicy and pleasurable, we recommend the use of a very special sex toy that will make them go crazy with pleasure.

A toy for the most daring

Erotic toys are the best partners for lesbian sex , although touching and licking the pussy, as well as doing the famous “scissors” is something very exciting, since it can increase the morbidity if these faithful companions designed to give pleasure are used.

At Universitarias Catalanas we don’t want you to be shy about anything, that’s why the escorts we have are capable of using these toys with you or the other way around , you with them. Lleida girls are professionals who love to give and receive pleasure, so with them you will have the opportunity to enjoy these toys.

There is one in particular that we will recommend, with which you will surely feel an intense pleasure while you penetrate the escort , just imagine hearing her moans and her words that ask for more and more when you give her for pussy or ass in fours, don’t you feel wet already?

It is a rather peculiar female harness to use with the escorts of Lleida, since not only incorporates the thick and long dildo that you will put into the escort , it also comes with two others to That you insert them through the anus and vagina, in this way you will give an intense pleasure to the escort, while with the movements, you will be stimulating your pussy and ass, which will make you have a unique orgasm.

You can lubricate it to improve penetration, this will improve the experience . Also, you should make sure to tuck it in properly, since it is a non-restrained harness. So you squeeze your vaginal and anal walls so that the sex toy stays in place while you penetrate the escorts that we have at Universitaria Catalanas.