Luxury escorts in Lleida

All the escorts that we have at the Catalan University in Lleida, offer a wide variety of services, ensuring all kinds of pleasure. However, there are services that are more requested than others, so if you want to know them, do not stop reading this article.

What our luxury clients like the most in Lleida

When it comes to sex, tastes are very varied and that is why we always try to have a wide variety of escorts to be able to cover all the needs of our clients.

Sophie LLeida

The best whores of Lleida in Catalan university students

What our customers like the most

When it comes to sex, tastes are very varied and that is why we always try to have a wide variety of escorts to be able to cover all the needs of our clients.

The services that our clients ask us the most are these, so take good note:


Who wouldn’t want to fulfill a sexual fantasy with an exuberant woman? That is what we offer clients when they seek our escort services in Lleida.

If you want one of our girls to dress up as a policeman and put handcuffs on you, have sex in unusual but exciting places for you , or have sex while others are watching you, our girls have no limits and They will be willing to please you.

Girlfriend experience

Without a doubt, having a girl who cares for you, treats you with love and offers you the best sex whenever you want, is the desire of every man.

And this is what you can achieve with our girlfriend experience service that we offer in Lleida.

As the name suggests, our escort will behave as if she were your partner, you can even agree and create a slightly spicy story of how you met , so that the experience is twice as exciting.

Erotic toys

Little by little, new ways to explore and feel sexual pleasure are being sought and clients who include erotic toys in their encounter with our escorts are interested in this.

Our girls are very playful and they like to have fun using vibrators, rings, Chinese balls, dilators and any other toy you want to use during sex.

They can even use it with you, if you are what you are looking for by any means to feel the greatest possible pleasure. Don’t be afraid to express what you want during sex, our girls will never judge you .

Escort services in Lleida

Although these are the most requested services we have in Lleida, we do not only focus on them .

All the sexual experiences you have with our escorts will be of the highest quality, so you will make all the fantasies that come to mind come true.

Our services also include highlights, such as sadomasochism, domination and submission , always guaranteeing great pleasure and in complete safety.

Also the girls from Universitaria Catalanas can accompany you to a partner exchange club , perform a golden shower, do a full French and even comply with any fetishism you may have.

We offer services to satisfy all tastes , ensuring the greatest pleasure and an intense orgasm in all of them, so that you can repeat the experience. With our agency you can have sex in the ways and with the escorts you want, so go ahead and hire a hot college student who is willing to please you in everything.