Escorts doing Striptease in Girona

Tastes are very varied and we will assure you at Catalan Universities in Girona that you will be able to please yours. There are men who only like to see and not touch, or both…. This can be very exciting, even more so if it is with the escorts we have for you.
If you are one of those who enjoy visual pleasure, we have girls willing to dance for you and stimulate all your senses.

Private striptease with a luxury whore in Girona

A stimulating experience

Erotic dances are one of the best ways to take advantage of our girls, they are trained and are professionals when it comes to undressing before a man in a sensual and provocative way .

Imagine being seated while little by little the garments are falling with their sensual dances, revealing underwear that does not cover much and with which you will have an incredible view.

In addition, our escorts are beautiful, their butts, their breasts, their hair and their face, you will surely love them. None of our girls will be badly presented to the meeting , they know that you are a special client that they must please.

Our girls know how to provoke a man through stimuli, so they will wear attractive underwear, they will use oils on their body with a pleasant aroma and they will play sensual music that goes according to their movements , something that will undoubtedly excite you a lot.

The dances will also be performed on top of you, they will place their butt on your pants and rub it, they will pass their hard breasts over your face and even make a voice so sensual that they will surely incite you to take it to bed ; to make it yours.

If you are dead men who prefer to watch, these will not have any problem, since the girls of Catalan University are prepared to please you in many ways . The striptease will also be performed in a costume, can you imagine a police officer, a nurse or a university student undressing before you?

Well, at Catalan University our escorts will be ready to wear any costume and take it off before you. In Girona we have girls for all tastes, ready to perform a striptease in front of you with the costume you want, with the best music and with movements that you will never forget.