Escorts Real Lesbian Service in Girona

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We know that in Girona there are very naughty girls who like to explore their sexuality, that’s why at Universitaria Catalanas we have escorts willing to do a “scissor” and let them stimulate themselves as only women know how to do it.

During sex with an escort, you can experience different types of orgasms, so if you want to know how to achieve them, don’t stop reading.

Real Lesbians

The girls of Catalan University Girls know how to stimulate you to reach an orgasm in different ways, have you not heard the phrase that only a woman knows how to touch herself? In addition, we make sure they are trained so that you can achieve the greatest pleasure during sex.

One of the orgasms that you will experience with our girls is the multiple one, that is, after you reach the first one, you will immediately feel the other, even several, in a row. If you want to experience them, at Universitarias Catalanas we have experts who will help you achieve it.

Another is through the clitoris, the escorts know their nerve endings very well and with their tongue and hands they will take you to ecstasy with the correct stimulation.

Licking the nipple, passing your fingers through the areoles and biting gently , will make you finish without having to be penetrated, can you imagine? Well, our university students in Girona know very well how to achieve it.

And if you are looking for an orgasm through the anus, the escorts will have the lubricant, the small balls or the dildo ready , so that you can “do a Greek” with another woman, something that will undoubtedly increase the excitement and pleasure of the moment.

The G-spot, that mysterious place that many men sometimes do not find and from which you will achieve an orgasm to never forget . With one finger, two if you are looking for more pleasure, and her tongue, the escorts will be able to stimulate that point until your moans fill the room and you lose yourself in the most intense pleasure.

At Universitarias Catalanas we have a service for everyone, if you are a woman and you like sex with other women, either because of how exciting, how pleasant and how morbid it can be , we have an escort willing to share with you a night full of sweat, moans and many, many orgasms.