Escorts with erotic toys in Girona

Sex with erotic toys and luxury escorts in Girona

Enjoy UC’s whores and his toys

Everything goes inside the bed and the girls from the Catalan Universities in Girona know it very well. With them you can add the erotic toys you want to sex in order to increase the pleasure and curiosity of being with an escort.

Do you want any ideas to have ready in a crazy night of passion ? At Universitaria Catalanas we want your experience to be better, so we will tell you what toys you can bring to this meeting.

A little bit of everything

Sex is about exploring new ways of feeling it, that is why we train our girls to learn how to handle all kinds of erotic toys , whether you use them with them or the other way around. who doesn’t like to be playful in bed?

Whether you are a man or a woman, there is a wide variety of erotic toys that you can use when you hire our university students in Girona.

At Universitaria Catalanas we recommend Chinese balls , from vaginal to anal, which you can insert into the escort, or she to you, to double the sensation of pleasure, since being penetrated by the anus and the vagina at the same time, it will surely drive the escort crazy.

You can get Chinese balls for men, even with remote control, so it can be a good companion for sex.

Although your penis is very sensitive and our girls will treat it in the most pleasant way , you can increase the sensation with the penis rings. However, we recommend this erotic toy for a very good reason: it will lengthen your erection!

This will allow you to have sex with the girls that we have for you in Girona , something that they will love, since they have come tonight to be penetrated as much as you want.

We want you to find everything you are looking for at Universitaria Catalanas, that is why our girls in Girona are willing to do everything and a little more , especially if you are a man or woman who is also looking for penetration , the perverse escorts we have will put on a harness to do it for you throughout the night.

So if you are hiring our services, don’t forget to bring an erotic toy to make them more pleasant.