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More than 15 years of experience have placed us among the most highly valued agencies of company services in our city. A few years in which our expert director, Lucia, has dedicated her energy and knowledge to guiding our girls into the exciting world of adult encounters. Lucía is a professional who is totally dedicated to the cause, and with her determination she has managed to ensure that our students can offer absolutely impeccable services. At the level of many veterans.

This is one of the reasons that differentiate us from the rest. We are not a typical agency: we specialize in young university students who, tired of the stress of classes and exams, want to supplement their income by sharing their free time with discreet gentlemen. Lush, fun, fresh, natural. Very powerful profiles that combine youth, beauty, high cultural level and a knowledge of how to be that makes them perfect for luxury companions. And let’s not forget that they are university girls with a desire to have fun, to socialize and to have a good time. They have it all, you can believe it.

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Luxury Catalan University Escorts Agency

The most passionate and spectacular Catalan university girls from all over Catalonia are at, the best escort agency in Barcelona where you will find real Catalan university girls and university girls in Barcelona ready to make you live the most exciting experience of your life with them.

Very young luxury escorts, our Catalan university students are not only beautiful, they also have a great education and knowledge. Lawyers, doctors, dentists, teachers… educated and intelligent girls who can accompany you to any social and cultural event thanks to their knowledge and pleasant conversation. In spite of their youth, our Catalan university students are true experts in bed, offering a wide range of options so that you can enjoy your evening in their company to the full.

Threesomes, lesbian duos, natural oral sex, these Catalan escorts are not only very experienced, but also very curious and want to learn a lot more things with you. Without a doubt, these beautiful university girls will make you live an experience of true luxury. From we assure you that once you try these delicious Catalan escorts you will want to repeat over and over again.

Live new sensations thanks to our wonderful Catalan escorts. We guarantee that at Universitarias Catalanas you will only find authentic university girls, without any tricks or traps, and all of them are in our agency by their own will and their desire to live these exciting experiences.

We help you to choose

  • Our girls are friendly, discreet and very select people. Treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • Hygiene please! Be a gentleman and don’t give us a hard time. Or if you prefer, we can shower together, our erotic shower service is something you can’t miss.
  • Do you know how to make a woman happy in bed? That way you’ll be sure of a total experience, where your partner will vibrate with you to the end. And if not, don’t worry, we are professionals and we can teach you. We will make you our new sex master.
  • No need to bring condoms. We take care of everything.
  • It’s all about making this close and fun. We are here to help you live out all your fantasies, tell us what kind of experience you would like to have and we will make it happen. Life is too short not to be able to afford these little games.

Luxury and elegance, our sign of identity

  • This must be vocational. If you want to do this, you have to like it, a good escort is ardent and dedicated in a natural way. We like what we do and our involvement is maximum.
  • Passes periodic reviews of prevention and detection of HIV and other STDs. This agency is always committed to healthy sex.
  • We are professionals: punctuality and discretion are our rules. What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.
  • Your appearance must always be impeccable. Go to your appointments well dressed, with tasteful make-up and soft perfumes. If there are explicit requests from the client in another direction, our rector will inform you beforehand. We demand respect. This is non-negotiable. We do not deal with requests that go against the personal dignity of our girls and we do not accept situations of mistreatment or abuse.

Exclusive University Escorts

Exclusive university escorts that you will only find at Catalan universities

The best Catalan Escorts

Our escorts, who are mostly Catalan -although we also have a beautiful bunch of Erasmus students, with lots of language showers (wink) -, are future doctors, lawyers, psychologists, nurses and so on. Blondes, brunettes, tattooed or not, with natural or operated breasts … the catalogue is extensive, both in physical attributes and in specialties (we like each one to enhance their particular skills). And the best thing of all: in our house we opt for veracity and transparency, the photographic books are REAL and without retouching. What you see here is what you will find knocking at your door, we encourage you to check it out. Our rector, who knows them all inside out, will help you choose the right one according to your tastes. Trust her and let her advise you, she is a master in her field and she is never wrong. Do you want to have fun and reach the climax with one of our beauties? Are you and your partner considering a threesome, but you are missing the third one in discord? Are you dying to go to a swinger’s club but you lack a partner to match? … stop surfing the net, you’ve come to the right place. But a word of warning: these are busy students with limited availability, so we recommend you call us with some time, or you may find their schedules tighter than the nuts of a submarine. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, sailor.